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Exclusively for the staff of The Denver Hospice

About Us

Dr. Karen Wyatt has worked as a hospice medical director, making home visits to patients, for much of her career. She understands the demands and the rewards of working with dying patients and their families and learned from her own experience that self-care is essential for doing this kind of work. She has prepared these audio recordings based on her own years of experience to help you deal with the most difficult situations that arise in the care of hospice patients by sharing the tools that can make a difference.  

Why You Should Join Us

Eleanor Brownn has written: “Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” Yet many of us in hospice care feel a commitment to care for others but don't know how to care for ourselves. We work with patients and families who are going through the greatest crisis of life and the physical, emotional and spiritual demands on us are great. This series has been designed to remind you to take time out for yourself and to learn some skills that will help you during those times of greatest stress. The audio recordings are short and can be listened to while you drive, exercise, clean house, or relax. Start taking better care of yourself now!

A Big Thanks

The Denver Hospice has commissioned this series as a gift for their staff. Thank you to the hospice administrators who recognize the value of self-care for everyone who works in this field. 

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